Osteopathy. Why i'm studying the medicine you've never heard of...

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Written by Coach Jodii Fox | 09.2017

It’s been one of most challenging yet rewarding years of my life, running a full-time business as a Life Aesthetics coach while furthering my education with a 1-year online degree in Osteopathic Medicine. It seems like just yesterday I was overwhelmed with emotion to have received my acceptance letter from the National Academy of Osteopathy. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the human body. As a high-level gymnast from my childhood into adolescent years, I learned to appreciate the sophistication of how my muscles, bones & joints could execute the most beautiful of movements. My passion for the human body grew exponentially into my twenties as I became a competitive bodybuilder, again I found myself amazed by the capacities of the human body when the systems worked in a synergistic flow. 

But what happens when this biomechanical flow is impeded and our health is on the line? My journey to solving this question lead me to discovering the therapy you’ve probably never heard of; Osteopathy. 

Our western medical system is comprised primarily of doctors, physicians, pharmacists & therapists who each have a very unique approach to healing. While I believe each profession plays an integral part in the societal healthcare puzzle, it was physical therapies that have always held a special place in my life given my athletic background. Traditional or mainstream physical therapy fields have included Physio, Chiropractic & Massage; however, it was the relatively newer field of Osteopathy that piqued my interest due to it’s holistic & whole body approach to healing.

The study of Osteopathy awoken a new purpose and direction for my career.

Osteopathy is a relatively newer branch of physical therapy having originated (and given it's name) in the late 1800’s. The primary focus of Osteopathic medicine is to maintain the bodies ability to self-regulate and heal by improving the quality of blood flow throughout it’s system. This is accomplished by an Osteopathic practitioner through gentle, non-invasive manual movements of their patients to reduce muscular restrictions, improving range of motion in ligaments and joints, increasing lymphatic and blood circulation, increasing neurological stimulation and reducing nerve compression. In layman’s terms, as Osteopathic Practitioners we help preserve the natural beauty of a human’s biomechanical flow. 

I usually tell my friends & family that Osteopath’s are changing the world & I stand by that exclamation! The field of study has become an all-encompassing practice with five core models for treatment and practice using a variety of very specialized techniques depending on the diagnosis of the patient. Osteopaths are not just focused on the physiological pain observed on a macro level, but dive deep into biomechanical, respiratory & circulatory, neurological, behavioural and metabolic energy forms of treatment. 

...you can now understand why my year has involved a ‘challenging’ aspect, as I've strived to gain an in-depth understanding and application of this amazing field of study. 

With my graduation approaching, I’m eager to take my first steps as a licensed Osteopathic Practitioner and continue learning while gaining valuable experience in this career field. I feel confident in my knowledge and abilities thanks to the school that has delivered an experience beyond my expectations, I’m so grateful for the National Academy of Osteopathy and their professors & staff whom have been integral in my success. 

If Osteopathy has been the medicine you’ve never heard of, I hope this blog was eye-opening into how this therapy is becoming a primary health care option for millions worldwide each year. The next time you feel out of perfect flow, come see me, the body whisperer, healing you is what I know!


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