#6WeeksOut | 2020 Arnold Classic Prep' Training Program

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This is my exact training program that I built and followed for my 2020 Arnold Bikini Prep'

👉🏼 These intense workouts were designed with an emphasis to add more lean muscle mass to my glutes and back with an additional focus on strengthening my abs. In this program I used mixture of compound strength movements & fat-loss style conditioning structure to my rep ranges and exercise techniques.

❗️I've included a Custom Meal Plan + Lifestyle Platform™ Add-On for those interested in pairing this Training Program with a Diet designed by me for your specific goals and food preferences. If you choose this option, please submit a Lifestyle Audit via (www.lifeaesthetics.life/getstarted) as these forms will be required for the individual diet customization.

- Jodii Fox
Founder of Life Aesthetics
2018 Arnold Amateur Bikini Champion 



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