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What is #PR?

'PR' redefining the term personal record with this 21 Day Life Aesthetics Lifestyle Experience.


A Life Aesthetics Lifestyle Experience, powered by The Lifestyle Platform™


Hi Everyone - it’s Coach Jodii Fox!

I’m the Guru behind the design of the 21Collection - i’m so excited to tell you more about PR, let’s dive in!

“ Jodii taught me that in order to increase my metabolism and change my body that I had to add lean muscle! For years I thought that adding muscle would have others view me as bulky or big, this program proved to me that adding muscle has never felt so sexy” - Melanie G.

Let’s dive into this experience, here we go!

Nutrition | What’s for Breakfast-Lunch-And-Dinner? 

Nutrition for your 21-Day program will focus on whole, nutrient dense foods while sustaining a healthy calorie deficit. Strong will teach you how to create a delicious whole foods meal plan so that your body can drop body fat without sacrificing mental or physical energy!

PR 101;

  • Overcoming the FEAR of Carbs & a Calorie Surplus vs. Deficit

  • Learning to be Self-Aware of our Food Selection & Choices

  • Macronutrient Targets Each Day set by your Coach

  • Build your Perfect Foundation Meal Plan

  • Progressively learning how to confidently and effortlessly Track your Daily Food so that you create certainty with your goals, and of course learn how to incorporate social outings without feeling like you “fell off the wagon”! #byewagon

Training & Workouts | Isn’t lifting heavy only for Men?

No girl! - and it’s time we claim our real estate in the free weight section!

I have designed PR to do so much more than simply increase your Strength, this 21 Day program will having you feeling a sense of accomplishment, pride and challenge you both mentally and physically to train harder than you ever have before. Strong training is progressive week-week challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone with your resistance training with the perfect blend of compound exercises that will produce better body mechanics, technique in the gym and burn all-of-the-calories. In 21 days you’ll have built a routine of exercise and resistance training to support lean muscle in your body which gives that ‘toned and fit’ look that pairs excellent with a Daiquiri on the beach.

  1. 3 Week Strength Training Split

  2. Compound Movement Focused Workouts

  3. Cardio Targets & Styles Set for You by your Coach

  4. Record your Workouts on your Lifestyle Platform

Accountability & Structure | PR will help you set more than a personal best lift, it builds a personal best lifestyle.

You will begin this program using the Lifestyle Platform to record Lifestyle variables each day such as your Sleep, Mood, Hunger & Weight! Nutrition during your 21 Day program begins with a macro-based nutrition protocol, tailored specifically for YOU. Through-out your program you’ll perfect the skill of tracking your macronutrients and become a macro-planning wizard learning to fit in your favourite foods into your meal plan using the programs meal planning tool. We have packed so much more into this 21 Day Experience including a full Food Database, A Supplementation Encyclopedia and a Progress Photo & Results section for you to compare Day 1 to Day 21.

Support & Engagement | The 21Collection Community

…oh wait, we didn’t tell you?!

There is a huge party waiting for you, come on in and introduce yourself to the 21DC Squad, a community of women just like you, just like all of us, all striving to live our best life.

We can’t wait to work with you, register today!

Jodii - your 21 Day Collection Guru!

Program Registration

  • Step One: All Life Aesthetics Lifestyle Experiences are delivered on the Lifestyle Platform, purchase yours after 10/19*

  • Step Two: Please complete your Lifestyle Audit & Coaching Application during the checkout process to ensure your experience request  is successfully submitted.

  • Step Three: Once your enrolment has been reviewed and your program has the final touches added, access to your program will be granted to the e-mail you provided and will take you to your program to start one Day One.

  • Step Four: We encourage you to review each tab, e-mail any questions to your assigned Coach and jump right into Day One on the calendar!

Pricing, Policies & Terms of Service

  1. Promotion Pricing Applied for Paid-In-Full Coaching Packages

  2. PayPal or Credit Card Available

  3. Private Receipts upon Request

  4. EMT Billing Available for Canadian Clientele upon Request

  5. Due to the Nature of our unique Digital Services, we honour our No Refund Policy.


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