QUARANTINE COMBAT | At-Home Training Program + Meal Plan

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Included in each Quarantine Combat Lifestyle Experience

✅ [7x] Workout Circuits
✅ [1x] Sample Meal Plan (Male & Female)


Welcome to Covert Mission: Quarantine Combat

These at home, low/no equipment program will challenge you through a hybrid approach of tempo-building circuits and no BS workouts that will test your mental and physical strength with an engaging 'Combat' theme.

Are you Ready? 


You've been recruited for a 7-day deployment to your home-gym, living room or outside in the trenches to complete these intense lower body, upper body and HIIT workouts. Food will be scarce, but we have a blueprint mapped out to make it through to the end.


Virus COVID19 has spread across the globe, much of our resources have been taken hostage. Home fitness is our primary weapon of defence in such a hostile environment.


Keep vibes high, spirits higher. Focus will be required, motivation must be found, find pride in your discipline each day.


Workouts were created to require limited or no equipment allowing for them to be  preformed at home or in the outdoors.

      • Bands (light, medium or heavy) 

      • Backpack

      • Broom Handle

The objective is clear, the task will may be difficult.
Do you accept the mission?



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