#THEJOHNNYBRAVO - Men's Upper Body Hypertrophy Program

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'#THEJOHNNYBRAVO' is redefining the "BROSPLIT"  with 3 unique, pumped-up training phases over 21-Days + a Muscle Shredding Meal Plan and Cardio Protocol. 


A Life Aesthetics Lifestyle Experience, powered by The Lifestyle Platform™

It's Coach Matt

Let’s dive into #THEJOHNNYBRAVO Lifestyle Experience that is, also known as #JB for short, here we go!

Nutrition | What’s for Breakfast-Lunch-And-Dinner? 

Nutrition for your program will focus on whole, nutrient dense foods while sustaining a healthy calorie intake. #JB will teach you how to create a delicious whole foods meal plan so that your body can make gain strength without putting on excess body fat!

#JB 101:

  • Access to your own custom Lifestyle Platform to Track lifestyle variables each day such as your sleep, mood, hunger & weight. On top of our Progress Trends where you can monitor your achievements in real-time.
  • Pump-Up your V-Taper; 3 Phases allow you to challenge your physical training limits. Better know as The Pump, The Power and The Bravo.

  • These workouts incorporate multiple training styles to not only keep your muscles guessing each week but your metabolism will be on fire.

  • Customized Meal Plan with Daily Flexible Dieting Macro Targets

  • Build your own Kitchen in your myFoodDatabase and use the myMealPlanBuilder in your program to get creative in the kitchen and confident in creating your own Meals to hit Daily Macro Targets.

  • Being jacked is an amazing feeling no doubt, but living long is better. A longevity & performance Supplement protocol will maximize your training efforts, and your lifespan!

Support & Engagement 

There is a huge party waiting for you, in our super supportive online community. Just request to join the "myLifeaesthetics" private group on facebook today.

We can’t wait to work with you, register today!

Program Registration

  • Step One: All Life Aesthetics Lifestyle Experiences are delivered on the Lifestyle Platform

  • Step Three: Once your enrolment has been reviewed and your program has the final touches added, access to your program will be granted to the e-mail you provided and will take you to your program to start one Day One.

  • Step Four: We encourage you to review each tab, e-mail any questions to your assigned Coach and jump right into Day One on the calendar!

Pricing, Policies & Terms of Service

  1. Promotion Pricing Applied for Paid-In-Full Coaching Packages

  2. PayPal or Credit Card Available

  3. Private Receipts upon Request

  4. EMT Billing Available for Canadian Clientele upon Request

  5. Due to the Nature of our unique Digital Services, we honour our No Refund Policy.


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